Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh geez....

Staying up late and sleeping in all day. Thats what I can do since I still am unemployed :(. I am still trying to get one, do not despair. And, from time to time, I do get called up for work. What kind of work? Carnival work. I get called up to set up parties, events, and community gatherings. Feel good kind of work, y'no? Well, today, I missed it. Yup, straight up missed work. Slept in, and lost track of my days (due to just not giving a damn) and so thats how the cookie crumbles.

The work I do when I'm there is decent. We set up inflatable slides, obstacle courses, games, and of course, bounce houses. Its pretty decent pay also, 10 an hour. I've seen up to $230 on a paycheck for a good weekend. But not today. Nope. Traded my money for sleep.

I hope to end up getting employment very soon though, since the American economy is on the rise. Just gotta shave the beard!